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Build Your Own Smart Bike Battery Gauge

T.K. Hareendran - 09/14/17

So you’d kind of like to know when the battery in your bike is getting a bit flat, [...]

Creating an Interleaved PWM Generator With an Arduino

T.K. Hareendran - 08/08/17

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is the ground for control in power electronics. The vast majority of semiconductor power devices [...]
Prusa I3A Plus

Prusa I3A Plus Review and Assembly Tips

Enrico Miglino - 06/06/17

In the past, I tested several 3D printers models in the range for personal use, i.e.the classic desktop [...]
good bad egg

Compact Egg Candler Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 05/19/16

An egg candler is a simple device used for testing incubating eggs to determine if they are viable [...]
Single Pushbutton Latching Relay Engine Start Circuit

Single Pushbutton Latching Relay Engine Start Circuit

Jim Keith - 10/03/15

Small engines often have two pushbuttons: A start pushbutton to operate the starter motor and a stop pushbutton [...]
usb condom circuit

DIY USB Condom Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 04/14/15

In a commercial manner, "usb condom" is a security device for preventing data theft through universal serial bus [...]
logic level shifter circuit

Bidirectional Logic Level Converter Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 02/21/15

Often, it becomes necessary to interface an existing or new 5V AVR / PIC / MCU project to [...]

Automatic Hand Dryer Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 12/16/14

Now and again ardent hobbyists looking to add something special and individual to their rest room/bathroom want an [...]
Clap Switch circuit schematic

Clap Switch Using Latching Relay

Jim Keith - 12/04/14

This is a simple clap switch circuit with high sensitivity. The only unusual component is the single coil [...]
water tank pump circuit

Smart Water Tank Pump Switcher

T.K. Hareendran - 11/18/14

For the residents who live in rural-areas, limited water-availability is a very common problem. Therefore, many people install [...]

Scheme-It = Online Schematic and Diagramming Tool

GaryC - 06/18/14

Scheme-It is an online schematic and diagramming tool that allows anyone to design and share electronic circuit diagrams. [...]
ir proximity sensor circuit

Automatic Soap Dispenser with IR Proximity Sensor

T.K. Hareendran - 06/10/14

Automatic Soap Dispensers designed for use with liquid soap are now widely available, and you may well know [...]
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