PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit; DM320018

GaryC - 12/02/15

The DM320018 PIC32 bluetooth starter kit comes with demonstration code that allows it to communicate with smart devices [...]

CAN Transceiver for Automotive

GaryC - 12/01/15

The TJA1042 of NXP Semiconductor is a CAN transceiver with high-speed capabilities that provides a physical link between [...]

Non-Contact Body Temperature Meter

GaryC - 10/28/15

One of the most commonly used medical instruments nowadays is the thermometer. The thermometer is used to monitor [...]

PC Thermometer Using D-sub Connector

GaryC - 10/27/15

One of the element in medical is the temperature, it prevents the buildup of humidity in the operating [...]

Wrist Mount Digital Altimeter

GaryC - 10/26/15

This project is a simple wrist mount digital altimeter which is a device used to determine altitude. This [...]

Anti-Drowsiness Alarm

GaryC - 10/25/15

This reference design is an anti-drowsiness alarm, which aims to keep the drivers alert by disrupting one’s drowse. [...]

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

GaryC - 10/24/15

This cranial electrotherapy stimulator is a medical treatment that makes use of electrical energy to treat anxiety, depression [...]

Password Based Circuit Breaker

GaryC - 10/14/15

Electrical accidents are rapidly increasing especially electric line repairs incident due to the lack of communication and coordination [...]

Passive Infrared Detector Circuit

GaryC - 10/13/15

The infrared (IR) is invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation that we cannot see with our eyes, but we [...]

Electronic Live Capture Mousetrap

GaryC - 10/12/15

A mousetrap is a type of animal trap specialize to catch small animals, particularly rodents like rats, mice, [...]
Single Pushbutton Latching Relay Engine Start Circuit

Single Pushbutton Latching Relay Engine Start Circuit

Jim Keith - 10/03/15

Small engines often have two pushbuttons: A start pushbutton to operate the starter motor and a stop pushbutton [...]

Laser Data Transmission

GaryC - 09/24/15

Lasers have been one of the essential technologies used in industries. It is realized that light outperforms radio [...]
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