DIY Linear Actuator Controller circuit

DIY Linear Actuator Controller

T.K. Hareendran - 01/05/15

Linear actuator uses a lead screw driven by a permanent magnet dc motor to create linear motion from [...]
SCR 12V to 5V USB Converter Schematic 3

SCR 12V to 5V USB Converter

Jim Keith - 12/23/14

SCRs are the switching devices for this unusual DC to DC converter that is suited for the ubiquitous [...]
Edge Triggered 555 Monostable Schematic

Edge-Triggered 555 Monostable Multivibrator

Jim Keith - 12/12/14

While the 555 oscillator IC is a very versatile device, it can also be quite tricky and solutions [...]
Clap Switch circuit schematic

Clap Switch Using Latching Relay

Jim Keith - 12/04/14

This is a simple clap switch circuit with high sensitivity. The only unusual component is the single coil [...]
SCR DC to DC Converter Evaluation Circuit

SCR (Reverse Blocking Thyristors) DC to DC Converter

Jim Keith - 11/24/14

Two series SCRs (reverse blocking thyristors) are unlikely switching devices for this DC to DC converter. This topology [...]
Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control Schematic

Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control

Jim Keith - 11/17/14

A series commutated SCR makes a very unusual Solid State Switch in this solar charge regulator control. Advantages [...]
high power ozone generator

High Power Ozone Generator

joribo - 10/29/14

Here is a more powerful ionisator and ozone generator than described in my version-2. It is meant for [...]

Arduino Light Sensor and Piezo Buzzer Experiment

Orven Bregu - 10/15/14

In this experiment we are going to work with a sensor which is a resistor that depends on [...]
ozone generator circuit

Low Power Ozone Generator

joribo - 10/13/14

Generating ozone and negative ions in the air can be done by a corona discharge. For this we [...]
alkaline battery regenerator

Regenerating Alkaline Batteries

joribo - 09/21/14

We regenerate these type of alkaline batteries here: (not normal rechargable ones...) The Schematic The schematic is [...]
cooling fan monitor circuit

3-Wire Cooling Fan Monitor

T.K. Hareendran - 09/16/14

Cooling fan is an essential part in almost all power electronics systems. Here is a simple circuit for [...]
Ni-MH Batteries balancer

Balancing Ni-MH Battery Packs

joribo - 09/08/14

There are still a lot of hand-held tools in use with Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. The simple charger [...]
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