Voltage Regulators Projects and Circuits (12)

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High Power Car Voltage Regulator

GaryC - 01/05/2014

While traveling recently, my family had trouble powering the 5 smartphones, 2 tablets, and 2 laptops while driving [...]
12V to 6V converter circuit schematic

12V to 6V Converter with 7805 or LM309

P. Marian - 06/26/2013

In this schematic is presented a simple 12 Volts to 6 volts converter circuit that is built with [...]
ldo voltage regulator mcp1755

LDO 5V Voltage Regulator with MCP1755

P. Marian - 03/01/2013

This LDO (low-dropout) voltage regulator is built with MCP1755 and can deliver 5V and currents up to 300 [...]
voltage regulator extension circuit schematic

78XX Voltage Regulator Extension

P. Marian - 01/17/2013

With this voltage regulator extension circuit you can increase the output current up to 10 A. T1 power [...]
adjustable voltage regulator

Adjustable Voltage Regulator with TDA2030

Received by Email - 11/21/2012

This Adjustable Voltage Regulator is made by combining a common 78L05 with an integrated audio amplifier of the [...]
12v 24v regulator

Increase Regulator Voltage Output

P. Marian - 11/20/2012

It is often necessary to arrange an voltage regulator IC to give a higher output voltage than that [...]
lm2678 voltage regulator

LM2678 Voltage Regulator Circuit

P. Marian - 11/07/2012

The LM2678 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits for a step-down switching voltage regulator capable of driving [...]
12 Volt Zener Regulated Charger

12V Voltage Regulated Charger

D Mohankumar - 12/09/2010

Most of the battery chargers do not have current and voltage regulation provisions. The step down voltage is [...]

7805 Regulator IC Circuits

D Mohankumar - 09/04/2010

Fixed voltage Positive and Negative regulator ICs are used in circuits to give precise regulated voltage. 78 XX [...]

7805 Voltage Regulator Circuit

D Mohankumar - 06/23/2010

IC 78XX Series includes three terminal positive voltage regulators commonly available in TO 220 package. These are useful [...]
voltage regulator circuit

3 Ampere LM7805 Voltage Regulator

Received by Email - 03/21/2009

Voltage regulator IC's, with 3 pins, from LM7805 and LM7812 series are excellent for usage in voltage regulator [...]
dc regulator circuit schematic

DC Voltage Regulator Circuit

Received by Email - 01/18/2009

This circuit regulates a DC power output. It has a very wide application range. It can be used [...]
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