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universal optocoupler triac controller circuit schematic

Universal Triac Control with Optocoupler

P. Marian - 05/26/2011

This universal triac controller circuit with optocoupler solves the problem that triacs have when functioning at low temperatures [...]

Time Delay Switch with Triac

D Mohankumar - 06/18/2010

This time delay switch circuit is useful to switch on an AC load such as lamps after the [...]

Backyard Lamp Circuit

D Mohankumar - 02/24/2010

This circuit lights the backyard of your home at 10 pm and stays on till morning. It helps [...]

Flashing Light with Triacs

P. Marian - 02/08/2010

This flashing light circuit uses triacs to generate an intermittent light with variable frequency. Additional components are the [...]
Triac Circuits

Optimizing the Triacs

D Mohankumar - 12/19/2009

Modern power control systems utilize electronic devices like Thyristors for power switching, phase control, chopper etc. These devices [...]
dc motor speed controller schematic

AC Motor Speed Controller Circuit

Received by Email - 11/11/2009

This triac-based 220V AC motor speed controller circuit is designed for controlling the speed of small household motors [...]
speed drill controller circuit schematic

AC Drill Speed Controller Circuit

Received by Email - 09/22/2009

This AC drill speed controller circuit schematic allows to control the holing speed of your borer or driller [...]
automatic bathroom fan controller circuit

Automatic Bathroom Fan Controller

P. Marian - 06/20/2009

This automatic bathroom fan controller circuit design is a lamp and fan motor control with a delayed switch [...]
light chaser circuit schematic

Light Chaser Circuit

P. Marian - 04/20/2009

This light chaser circuit (music-operated lighting effect generator) comprises five sets of 60W bulbs that are arranged in [...]

Electronic Lamp Dimmer Circuit

P. Marian - 03/28/2009

This electronic lighting dimmer circuit is used to control the lamp for arbitrary brightness. This electronic lamp dimmer [...]
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