Thermometers Circuits (4)

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diy digital thermometer circuit schematic

DIY Digital Thermometer Circuit

P. Marian - 09/19/2010

This diy digital thermometer circuit can measure temperatures up to 150°C with an accuracy of ±1°C. The temperature [...]
electronic digital thermometer circuit schematic

Diode Digital Thermometer Circuit

Received by Email - 12/05/2009

This digital thermometer circuit diagram uses a common 1N4148 diode as the temperature sensor. The temperature coefficient of [...]

Fishing Thermometer Project Circuit

Received by Email - 03/14/2009

This simple to construct water fishing thermometer circuit is intended to be used in sports applications like for [...]
coffee thermometer circuit schematic

Coffee Thermometer Circuit

Received by Email - 10/04/2008

Why measure the temperature of the coffee? Well, coffee taste depends on two things. First, how strong the [...]
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