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motion light circuit

Motion-Sensing Security Light

T.K. Hareendran - 05/31/2015

Fascinating electronics hobby circuit, Tricky Security Light, presented here is nothing but a motion sensing security light built [...]
HB100 miniature microwave motion sensor breakout board

HB100 Microwave Motion Sensor – An Introduction

T.K. Hareendran - 05/09/2015

Electronics hobbyists, experimenters and constructors of microcontroller project frequently need to measure/detect voltage, current, frequency, temperature and… proximity. [...]
Arduino PIR sensor

Arduino Night Security Alarm with PIR Sensor

T.K. Hareendran - 01/31/2014

In the microcontroller era today, Arduino is more than just a tool to accomplish hobby tasks. There is [...]

Security Light & Switch with PIR Sensor Update

Jim Keith - 09/04/2012

This is a simple update to Mr. Hareendran’s PIR Sensor Security Light circuit. It has a shortcoming limits [...]
pir motion sensor switch circuit schematic

Security Light & Switch with PIR Sensor

T.K. Hareendran - 09/06/2010

Moderately priced Passive Infrared PIR Sensor modules are now widely available. By using these readymade and pre-configured PIR [...]
electric sprinkler

Motion Activated Switch for Alarm, Light or Water Sprinkler

T.K. Hareendran - 08/13/2010

The motion sensor switch circuit can automatically turn on a water sprinkler but you can easily use it [...]
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