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light operated light switch circuit schematic

Light-Operated Solid State Light Switch

P. Marian - 06/27/2013

Here is a light-operated light switch circuit built with solid state components that is used to operate a [...]
touch light switch schematic

Simple Touch Light Switch Circuit

P. Marian - 06/25/2013

This is a very simple touch light switch circuit that uses the 4011 IC, one transistor and a [...]
whistle light switch circuit schematic

Whistle Light Switch

P. Marian - 01/17/2013

With this whistle light switch you can turn on and off the lighting installation. The main part of [...]
automatic door light switch circuit schematic

Automatic Door Light Switch

P. Marian - 01/14/2013

This automatic door light switch circuit turns ON a lamp when a door is opened then turns it [...]

LDR Pole Light Switch Circuit

Jim Keith - 12/07/2012

My vintage (62 year old) pole light has always been controlled by a timer—a source of continual frustration [...]
light sensor switch circuit schematic

Light Sensor Switch Circuit

P. Marian - 06/12/2011

This light sensor switch circuit allows the automatic connection of a lamp when the light is low (at [...]
automatic light switch circuit schematic

220V Automatic Light Switch Circuit

P. Marian - 06/10/2011

This light sensitive automatic light switch circuit is intended to be connected at the main 220V supply. The [...]
quartz controlled bedroom automatic light switch circuit schematic

Clock Alarm Controlled Light Switch

T.K. Hareendran - 02/07/2011

Here is an ultra simple automatic light switch circuit for bedrooms. After construction, connect the input terminals of [...]
light sensitive switch with ldr

DIY LDR Switch Circuits

P. Marian - 07/21/2010

Here are some DIY LDR switch circuits available on our website and the web. LDR switches are used [...]
automatic light switch negative chassis ground

Automatic Parking Light Switch Circuit

Received by Email - 07/04/2010

This automatic park light switch with LDR automatically turn ON the light when the surrounding light dims to [...]
dark activated relay circuit

Dark Activated Relay Circuit

D Mohankumar - 02/19/2010

This dark activated switch can trigger a relay to operate an AC lamp at Sunset. The lamp remains [...]

Cupboard Lights Switch Circuit

D Mohankumar - 02/11/2010

This Cupboard lights circuit is an automatic White LED lamp used to illuminate the interior of cupboard to [...]
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