220V led blinker circuit schematic

220V LED Blinker Circuit

D Mohankumar - 01/14/2011

Here is a simple LED blinker or flasher for decoration purpose. The 20 High bright LEDs flashes alternately [...]
auto white led light circuit schematic

Automobile White LED Light

T.K. Hareendran - 01/07/2011

Without any dedicated buck converter/white LED driver IC, you can safely drive many standard Hi-efficieny white LED modules [...]
handy bright led light circuit schematic

Handy Bright Light Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 11/24/2010

Here is an interesting circuit of a true-portable and cute solid-state bright light built with LT1932. The light [...]

LED Scanner Circuit

D Mohankumar - 11/20/2010

Here is a simple LED chaser simulating a scanner through the back and forth light effect. It used [...]
flashing led lights circuit schematic

Jumbo Flashing LED Lights

T.K. Hareendran - 11/14/2010

This is a flashing led lights circuit powered from a 12V DC power supply that uses the well [...]
high efficiency led circuit schematic

Joule Thief High Efficiency LED with 1.5 Volt

T.K. Hareendran - 11/09/2010

This joule thief led or high efficiency LED with 1.5 volt driver is a tried and tested circuit [...]
led workbench lighting circuit schematic

LED Workbench Lighting

T.K. Hareendran - 11/07/2010

Here is a very useful workbench lighting unit for electronics hobbyists. The portable inspection lamp circuit consists of [...]

LED Chaser Circuit

D Mohankumar - 10/30/2010

This is the circuit of a simple LED chaser. The LEDs lights one by one for a period [...]

Simple Battery Monitor Circuit

D Mohankumar - 10/17/2010

This simple Battery Monitor lights an LED when the battery voltage drops below 9 volts. It is an [...]
220V power flashing led schematic

Power 220V Flashing LED

T.K. Hareendran - 10/10/2010

AC mains operated single LED flasher circuit, built using the popular CMOS timer chip TLC555 is shown below. [...]

Ornamental LED Circuit

D Mohankumar - 10/03/2010

Here is a simple LED flasher for decoration purpose. The High bright LEDs flashes alternately giving a brilliant [...]
led searchlight circuit schematic

LED Searchlight Circuit

T.K. Hareendran - 09/16/2010

This LED searchlight comprises a sealed maintenance-free (SMF) battery, constant voltage battery charger, six high efficiency white LEDs [...]
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