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LDR Pole Light Switch Circuit

Jim Keith - 12/07/2012

My vintage (62 year old) pole light has always been controlled by a timer—a source of continual frustration [...]
Light Activated Siren Circuit Schematic

Light Activated Siren Circuit

Jim Keith - 11/10/2012

This light activated siren could make an unknowing "victim" wet his pants when turning on the lights in [...]
light activated switch circuit schematic

Light Activated Switch

Sebastian Kushero - 07/31/2012

The light activated switch circuit can be used for switching OFF a particular lamp or group of lamps [...]

Automatic Street Light Circuit

Srihari Rao - 07/09/2012

There have been lot of problems in street lights. Major problem in some places is every evening a [...]

LDR = Light Dependent Resistor = Photoresistor

P. Marian - 04/28/2011

You're asking what is LDR? It stands for Light Dependent Resistor or Photoresistor, which is a passive electronic [...]
musical light alarm circuit schematic

Light Alarm Circuit with LDR

P. Marian -

This musical light alarm circuit is very simple, uses only 7 components, a LDR and a 3.6 V [...]
ldr pc desk lamp circuit schematic

LDR PC Desk Lamp

T.K. Hareendran - 02/28/2011

Most of the PC desk lamps available in the market light up whenever there is an input power. [...]
Christmas LED decoration circuit

Christmas LED Lights Circuit

D Mohankumar - 12/19/2010

Using this simple Christmas LED lights decoration circuit, you can make an 18 LED flasher to decorate the [...]
automatic lawn lights circuit schematic

Automatic Lawn Light with LDR

T.K. Hareendran - 12/14/2010

Circuit of a compact and true solid-state automatic lawn light is described here. The circuit can be used [...]

Day Charger circuit

D Mohankumar - 10/17/2010

This LDR controlled Adjustable charger can be used to charge the Rechargeable battery of portable devices. It charges [...]
light operated relay schematic

Light Operated Relay Circuit

D Mohankumar - 10/03/2010

This light sensitive circuit can operate a relay to switch on lamps or any AC loads when it [...]
ldr ac voltage stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer Circuit with LDR (Photoresistor)

P. Marian - 08/31/2010

This is a very interesting a.c. voltage stabilizer that uses a LDR or photoresistor to stabilize an alternating [...]
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