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diy radar system circuit schematic

DIY Infrared Radar System

P. Marian - 03/13/2011

Chris from has a great article about a do-it-yourself radar system build with PIC18F452. It's a great [...]

Long Range IR Transmitter

D Mohankumar - 10/09/2010

This Long range Infrared transmitter can emit pulsed IR rays up to 10 meters. This IR transmitter is [...]

Crystal Controlled 38 kHz IR Transmitter

D Mohankumar - 03/14/2010

This is a precision 38 kHz Infrared transmitter using MOS integrated circuit uPD 6121.It uses the NEC transmission [...]

Infrared Repeater System Circuit

P. Marian - 02/02/2010

This infrared repeater system is used to extend the range of an infrared transmitter used at an audio [...]
infrared transmitter circuit diagram

Impulse Modulated Infrared Transmitter Circuit

P. Marian - 01/14/2010

This infrared transmitter can be used with this infrared receiver. This transmitter uses. The modulated signal is produced [...]

High Power IR Infrared Transmitter

D Mohankumar - 12/04/2009

This Infrared transmitter can activate IR based switching circuits from a distance of 10 meters or more. It [...]
infrared transmitter circuit schematic

LM567 Infrared Transmitter Circuit

Received by Email - 11/10/2009

This infrared transmitter use PWM (pulse width modulation). The transmitter is equiped with LM567, tone decoder circuit. Audio [...]
basic infrared transmitter circuit schematic

Basic Infrared Transmitter Circuit

Received by Email - 06/15/2008

This infrared tranmitter is intended for use with this infrared receiver. It works with 2 - 1.5V batteries [...]
headphones infrared transmitter

Infrared Headphones Transmitter Circuit

Received by Email - 04/26/2008

The transmitter offers a optical link (infrared) for headphones. Three infrared leds (ir) are polirised by T1 current, [...]
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