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1-NS73M Module

Build Your Own Digital FM Radio Transmitter with Arduino

T.K. Hareendran - 04/10/2017

I recently searched for a digital FM transmitter kit, but most of the ones that I found online [...]
quality fm transmitter circuit schematic

Best of FM Transmitter Circuits

P. Marian - 07/07/2010

Here are some DIY FM Transmitter circuits that we have been published on This do-it-yourself fm transmitters [...]
1 watt four stage fm transmitter

1 Watt FM Transmitter Project

P. Marian - 04/10/2010

This FM transmitter circuit uses four radio frequency stages: a VHF oscillator built around transistor BF494 (T1), a [...]

FM Module with USB Function

P. Marian - 12/29/2009

The FM module with USB function of Vire Silicon.Co Ltd is an excellent miniature FM module with USB [...]
max2606 fm trasmitter

MAX2606 VHF FM Transmitter

Received by Email - 12/27/2009

If you want to be independent of the local radio stations for testing VHF receivers, you need a [...]

MAX2606 Mini FM Transmitter

P. Marian - 11/28/2009

With MAX2606 we can make a small mono fm transmitter. It is build with MAX2606 and covers at [...]
BH1417 pll stereo transmitter circuit schematic

BH1417 Stereo PLL FM Transmitter Circuit

P. Marian - 11/20/2009

This BH1417 pll fm transmitter includes features like: pre-emphasis, sound limiter, stereo transmission, low pass filter, pll circuit, [...]
65-73 mhz fm transmitter

UUS 65 – 73 MHz FM Transmitter

P. Marian - 10/27/2009

A basic UUS 65 73 MHz fm transmitter circuit schematic which can be used as UUS oscillator with [...]
veronica fm transmitter

Veronica 1W FM Transmitter Circuit

P. Marian - 10/16/2009

Veronica 1W FM transmitter is easy to build and to operate in FM. Veronica is also known for [...]
foxhunt fm transmitter circuit schematic

Foxhunt FM Transmitter Circuit

Received by Email - 10/09/2009

This 2 meter 144 MHz fox hunt transmitter is used in amateur competitions where a hidden transmitter is [...]
fm transmitter circuit schematic with bfr90

88 108 MHz FM Transmitter Circuit

P. Marian - 10/07/2009

The most important part of this 88-108 transmitter is the Colpitts oscillator. C3,C4,C5,C6,CD1-CD2 ans L1 determine the transmission [...]
radio beacon 144 MHz

144MHz Radio Beacon Circuit

Received by Email - 10/03/2009

The transmitter on 2 meters 144 MHz was designed mainly for use by radio amateurs as radio beacon [...]
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