scr 12v battery charger circuit schematic

12V Battery Charger Circuit using SCR

Jim Keith - 07/22/2012

This battery charger circuit differs from the norm in a number of ways, all of which make it [...]
car battery charger circuit schematic

Car Battery Charger with Transistors

P. Marian - 07/17/2012

This car battery charger circuit can be used to charge 12V and 6V batteries. If it is used [...]
cellphone charger using 1.5V battery

Cell Phone Charger Using 1.5V Battery

P. Marian - 07/03/2012

For the cell phone to charge, charger output must be above 4V and can deliver a maximum current [...]

Charging Lithium Ion Polymer (Li-ion) Battery

P. Marian - 06/09/2011

Lithium or Li-ion batteries are cheap, easy to use and recharge. There is actually no difference between Lithium [...]
batteries charger circuit diagram

12V Battery Charger Circuit

P. Marian - 06/06/2011

This battery charger circuit can be used to charge one or more batteries with the total nominal voltage [...]
12 Volt Zener Regulated Charger

12V Voltage Regulated Charger

D Mohankumar - 12/09/2010

Most of the battery chargers do not have current and voltage regulation provisions. The step down voltage is [...]

Day Charger circuit

D Mohankumar - 10/17/2010

This LDR controlled Adjustable charger can be used to charge the Rechargeable battery of portable devices. It charges [...]

On Demand Charger

D Mohankumar - 10/15/2010

This Automatic Battery charger turns On only when the battery demands charging current. It can be used to [...]
12v charger

Simple 12 Volt Charger

D Mohankumar -

This is the circuit of a simple 12 volt battery charger for Lead Acid battery. It gives 12 [...]
automatic battery charger circuit schematic

Automatic Battery Charger

D Mohankumar - 09/21/2010

Here is a 12 volt lead acid automatic battery charger that shut off the charging process once the [...]

NiMH Battery Charger Circuit

D Mohankumar -

Here is a simple battery charger for the Nickel Metal Hydride battery that requires current regulated charging. The [...]
wind powered battery charger circuit schematic

Wind Powered Battery Charger

P. Marian - 09/13/2010

In this wind powered battery charger circuit the dc motor is used as a generator. The voltage output [...]
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