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automatic bathroom light circuit

Automatic Bathroom Light Switch

T.K. Hareendran - 03/14/2014

Here is a simple and low cost automatic bathroom light circuit. The light automatically turns on when the [...]
automatic door light switch circuit schematic

Automatic Door Light Switch

P. Marian - 01/14/2013

This automatic door light switch circuit turns ON a lamp when a door is opened then turns it [...]
automatic light switch

Automatic Light Switch with PhotoTransistor

P. Marian - 07/09/2012

This is an automatic light switch circuit that turns ON a light bulb in absence of light. The [...]
automatic light switch circuit schematic

220V Automatic Light Switch Circuit

P. Marian - 06/10/2011

This light sensitive automatic light switch circuit is intended to be connected at the main 220V supply. The [...]
automatic lawn lights circuit schematic

Automatic Lawn Light with LDR

T.K. Hareendran - 12/14/2010

Circuit of a compact and true solid-state automatic lawn light is described here. The circuit can be used [...]
automatic light switch negative chassis ground

Automatic Parking Light Switch Circuit

Received by Email - 07/04/2010

This automatic park light switch with LDR automatically turn ON the light when the surrounding light dims to [...]

Automatic Gate Lamp Circuit

D Mohankumar - 03/21/2010

This circuit lights the Premises of House around 6 pm and turns off in the morning. Its working [...]
night lamp alarm circuit schematic

Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm

P. Marian - 06/18/2009

This circuit project automatically turns on a night lamp when bedroom light is switched off. The lamp remains [...]
light dimmer circuit schematic

Automatic Lamp Dimmer Circuit

Received by Email - 09/28/2008

This automatic light dimmer circuit makes it possible to control a lighting system so that it turns on [...]
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