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Sound Effects Generator schematic

Funny Micro-Synthesizer

T.K. Hareendran - 06/01/2014

If you are looking for an easy-to-build microcontroller-based sound generator capable of making some amazing, raw synth tones, [...]
morse code oscillator schematic

Portable Morse Code Practice Oscillator

T.K. Hareendran - 05/16/2014

Little circuit of a Morse Code Oscillator is presented here. Excellent for learning and teaching Morse code, this [...]
rain sound effects generator circuit schematic

Rain Sound Effects Generator Circuit

P. Marian - 09/08/2010

This rain sound effects generator circuit simulates the rain noise and may be used in the field of [...]
wind sound effect generator circuit schematic

Wind Sound Effects Circuit

Received by Email - 09/07/2010

This wind sound effect generator circuit perfectly imitate the noise of the wind. Transistor T1 is connected as [...]
triangle wave generator circuit diagram

Triangle Wave Generator Circuit

P. Marian - 01/13/2010

This triangle wave generator is made with a trigger Schmitt that converts a triangle wave into a rectangular [...]

Audio Frequency Generator Circuit

Received by Email - 09/27/2009

This audio frequency generator is a triggered signal generator. When a positive pulse of about 6 volts (minimum) [...]
signal generator circuit schematic

Signal Generator with Thyristor

Received by Email - 06/19/2009

A very simple thyristor signal generator circuit which uses a single thyristor, two resistors, a capacitor and a [...]
high frequency generator circuit schematic

High Frequency Generator Circuit

P. Marian - 06/12/2009

High frequency waveform generator is very useful in electronic experiment and design. This circuit generate sine wave oscillation, [...]

Robot Voice Generator Project

Received by Email - 11/30/2008

Those of you who imagine that a robot voice generator box would require a whole heap of ICs [...]
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