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Update Audio Compressor AGC Schematic 2

Audio Compression Amplifier /AGC

Jim Keith - 12/21/2013

This is an audio compressor/AGC (automatic gain control) with an astonishing 75db input voltage range. A P-Channel JFET [...]
audio limiter compressor circuit schematic

Audio Limiter Circuit

P. Marian - 11/09/2009

This audio limiter circuit is easy to build, works with BA741 8pins or 4pins so pay attention and [...]
dynamic compressor schematic

Passive Dynamic Audio Compressor

Received by Email - 10/25/2009

This dynamic compressor with passive components reduces high signal to a lower, more constant signal. If you look [...]
audio compressor TDA1054

Audio Compressor Circuit with TDA1054

P. Marian -

This is a dynamic audio compressor which outputs a constant audio level and can be used for FM [...]
mini audio compressor

Mini Audio Compressor Schematic

P. Marian - 09/22/2009

This mini audio compressor circuit use only one active component T1. The audio signal goes thru C1, R1, [...]
ssm2165 audio compressor circuit schematic

Audio Compressor Circuit with SSM2165

P. Marian - 09/19/2009

A very simple audio compressor built with SSM2165 IC. There is no much explication about this compressor circuit [...]
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