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Latest Article Comments

Stereo Audio Switch...
"I want to use this stereo audio switch circuit as the basis for a 6 step (o-10V) motor control with"
Earth Fault Indicator...
"Hello, I have tested the circuit and it have a problem. The green LED goes on with a bad earth"
Electronic Dog Repellent...
"Esse repelente de cães funciona ,mesmo? Ele faz o cão para de latir e qual a distância que o"
Simple and Useful LED...
"Does changing the voltage change the value of"
12V Battery Level Indicator...
"is this cct can used to get the battery level when it charging ? (if battery charging source"
IT = CV …or what I never learned in tech...
">> what happens when time becomes infinite??? tl;dr; It won't! Really NOT! Trust me, I'd"
Audio Compression Amplifier...
"Hi Keith, An Excellent AGC/ Compression circuit, you have done. Is there a way to calibrate"
Home IoT - Voice Controlled Lab Lights with Amazon Alexa and...
"I could could see this being used in a home theater. Or even better, I could see this being used"
Battery Backup...
"any way you can help with a schematic"
Hacking a Camera Shutter with Infineon TLE94112LE and Arduino - Part...
"Hey Adam! Me too. I always draw by hand many of my first schematic design. It is easier and faster"
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