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Dc Fan Controlled by Temperature Circuit Diagram

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Understand the project design by Mr D Mohankumar is not working, If I wan to use the other Fan Circuit Project in the circuit how am to use the D1 Led Red (OFF) and D2 Led Green "ON",

If I am not mistaken it must www.schematics.com/4788/temperature -controlled-dc-fan/ but when I type the URL it direct me to the working type..Can anyone assist me with the led function..Many Thanks

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asked Jan 14, 2014 by suresh69 (260 points)

1 Answer

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Try this circuit.  You can substitute on the components they are not critical.  The transistor is a general purpose PNP, the 1n4007 can be as low as a 1n4001.  R1 matches the resistance of the thermisistor. VR 20K up will be just fine.



answered 6 days ago by gilshultzhome-com (11,160 points)

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