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How to calculate battery capacity for feeding 3 phase 415 volts, 50 hz, 25 ampere power

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How to calculate battery capacity for feeding 3 phase 415 volts, 50 hz, 25 ampere power

I can use no of 12 v batteries into series. I want to run 3.7 kW, 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor of 1440 RPM for eight hours on these batteries. I can use 3 phase voltage source invertor between battery bank and motor.
asked Jul 7, 2015 by satyasheel (120 points)

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I hope it is 5hp motor For which you need about 18- 19 kVA generator is required

The power factor of induction motors varies with load, typically from around 0.85 or 0.90 at full load to as low as 0.35 at no-load. It means at full load your motor will use 5.7 A

So to run this for 8 hours you need 110 Ah capacity battery... **** I giveup .. im not sure if this is rite, also I'm not too techi with motor stuffs. Here are the links i referred to find an answer I hope you can use these links to calculate the battery capacity








answered Jul 16, 2015 by striker810 (160 points)

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