Hi, I am P. Marian, I like electronics a lot and this is why I’ve created this website. I’ve got help from my colleagues: Mr. Jim Keith and Mr. Hareendran and together we’ve put the building blocks to create They create a project or prototype and write a good article about it. I take good care of the website and try to write my own articles when I have free time.

Now I have one question for you!

Do you want to be part of our team? Are you a master of electronics concepts and want to share your projects with all of us? Do you want to be appreciated and rewarded for your work?

Join Our TeamIf your answer is YES, then please fill the contact form below with details about you, your work and what fields of electronics you master.

So, if you have good knowledge about electronics and want to become an author on the website I will create a member account for you and I will publish your articles under your own name.

One think though: your articles must have a similar format to the articles written by Mr. Jim Keith, one of our renowned authors, for example this one.

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