Weekly Roundup – Top Links for the 3nd Week of October 2017

This week's weekly roundup covers world wide celebrations, radar, temperature logging, how to use shielded inductors, and design applications that can help your design.

LM12 150W Audio Amplifier

Received by Email - 04/14/2008

LM12 operational amplifier can output currents up to 10A. The LM12 in encapsulated in TO-3 with 4 pins, [...]
HF Dipole Antenna Design Software

Solve Elect Design

P. Marian -

With Solve Elect you can: design and analyze electronic circuits working in cc obtain formulas and values for [...]

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Circuit

P. Marian -

This ultrasonic dog repeller circuit will chase away angry dogs. It is build with the all known 555 [...]
70 watt mosfet audio amplifier schematic

70 Watt MOSFET Audio Amplifier

Received by Email - 04/13/2008

This simple mosfet power audio amplifier circuit, with TL071C and 2 MOSFETs (IRF9530 and IRF530) can deliver up [...]
tda2030 8w audio amplifier circuit diagram

TDA2030 10W Audio Amplifier Circuit

P. Marian -

TDA2030 audio amplifier can output 20 W but in this schematic we have reduced the power to 10 Watts and we use 10 W speakers. The input sensivity is around 200 mV and the amplifier [...]
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