Arduino Nano Sensor Interface

TK Hareendran guides you to discover the basics of low power modes using an Arduino Nano. These modes are particularly useful for edge node sensor applications. This is the first in a series of blog posts on the topic.
tda1022 reverberator circuit

TDA1022 Audio Reverberator Circuit

Received by Email - 05/03/2008

The first reverberator present here is based on TDA1022, the most used BBD. Reverberator adjustements for proper functionality [...]

NE/SA575 Datasheet Specifications

P. Marian - 05/02/2008

The NE/SA575 is a precision dual gain control circuit designed for low voltage applications. The NE/SA575's channel 1 [...]

BLY94 Datasheet Specs

P. Marian - 05/01/2008

BLY94 is a RF Power transistor in a SOT-55 case which operate in class-B with a Vce of [...]

STK4241V Datasheet Specs

P. Marian - 04/29/2008

STK4241V Thick Film Hybrid IC AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply) (120W+120W min, THD = 0.08%). STK4241V Features [...]

IC 4060 Datasheet

P. Marian -

The 74HC/HCT4060 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with “4060” of the “4000B” series. The 74HC/HCT4060 are 14-stage ripple-carry counter/dividers and oscillators with three oscillator terminals (RS, RTC and CTC), ten buffered [...]
proximity sensor circuit schematic

Proximity Sensor Circuit – Detect Human Presence

Received by Email - 04/28/2008

This presence detector or proximity sensor circuit reacts in presence of any conductor object including humans. Sensitivity is [...]
liquid detector circuit schematic

Liquid Detector, Water Sensor Circuit

Received by Email - 04/27/2008

This is a very simple liquid detector that use a relay to open an evacuation van. You can [...]
mini drill revolution regulator circuit schematic

DC Drill Speed Controller Circuit

Received by Email -

With the help of this DC drill speed controller circuit you can control the number of revolutions of [...]
stabilized power supply circuit schematic

Stabilized Adjustable Power Supply 0-15V/5A

Received by Email -

This regulated power supply can be adjusted between a few volts and 15V with P1 and with P2 [...]
dynamic microphone amplifier circuit schematic

Low Noise Dynamic Microphone Amplifier Circuit

Received by Email - 04/26/2008

This dynamic microphone amplifier circuit has a total gain of 200 times. If we use 200Ω microphones R4 must be 220Ω and C1 is 4.7uF. If you want the to get the lowest noise signal [...]

Infrared Headphones Receiver Circuit

Received by Email -

Use this infrared headphones receiver with the ir headphones transmitter. Use 600Ω headphones. BPW41N and BP104 have a [...]
headphones infrared transmitter

Infrared Headphones Transmitter Circuit

Received by Email -

The transmitter offers a optical link (infrared) for headphones. Three infrared leds (ir) are polirised by T1 current, [...]
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