Weekly Roundup – Top Links for the 3nd Week of October 2017

This week's weekly roundup covers world wide celebrations, radar, temperature logging, how to use shielded inductors, and design applications that can help your design.
high power 200W audio amplifier

200W Hybrid Audio Amplifier Circuit

Received by Email - 04/24/2008

Connecting two TDA2030 thru cheap power transistors we can create a amplifier wich can deliver a higher power. [...]
strobe light circuit schematic

Strobe Light Project Circuit

Received by Email - 04/20/2008

Attention! This strobe light circuit is connected to 220V, so measurements and experiments are very dangerous even after [...]

LM338 12V Power Supply Circuit

P. Marian -

This ac to dc power supply can output 5A in continous operation and 12A peak current. This kind [...]

STK4241V Stereo Audio Amplifier

P. Marian -

This Home Stereo audio amplifier is equiped with STK4241V wich is a thick film hybrid IC, AF Power [...]
electronic pest repellent schematic

Electronic Mice Repellent Circuit

P. Marian - 04/17/2008

This electronic mice repellent emit high frequency sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that effectively repels rodents from protected areas. Sound is inaudible to people and non-rodent pets. It is ideal for environments [...]
electronic door lock circuit

The Simplest Electronic Door Code Lock Circuit

P. Marian -

This is the simplest electronic door lock that has a remarkable code implementation because it uses only one [...]

FM Dipole Antenna

P. Marian -

DIY FM dipole antenna or half wave antenna are the most used because is easy to build and [...]

300W FM RF Amplifier Circuit

P. Marian - 04/14/2008

This 300W RF power amplifier for your fm transmitter has 2 x TP9383 transistors. 300W radio power amplifier [...]

20W FM RF Amplifier Circuit

P. Marian -

This FM RF power amplifier has 2 transistors from Philips: BLV10 and BLW87. The 2 rf transistors work [...]
tda1557q car amplifier schematic

Car Audio Amplifier TDA1557Q TDA1553Q

P. Marian -

This stereo audio amplifier is for car purpose and can deliver up to 2 x 22W using a single TDA1557Q or TDA1553Q IC from Philips. (more…) [...]
tda1514 audio amplifier schematic

TDA1514 50W Audio Amplifier

P. Marian -

TDA1514 is a hi fi audio amplifier which can output 50W audio power. The power supply is between [...]

TDA1562Q 50W Car Audio Amplifier

P. Marian -

One car audio amplifier with TDA1562Q that can output 50W of audio power. (more…) [...]
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