3D Printer Filament Measuring with Arduino

Enrico takes us through his solution to ensure that he always knows how much filament is left on his roll. An Arduino and a load cell combined with some ingenious code are all that is needed.

TLC272 Datasheet

P. Marian - 05/04/2008

The TLC272 and TLC277 precision dual operational amplifiers combine a wide range of input offset voltage grades with [...]
class a preamplifier circuit schematic

Class A Preamplifier Circuit

Received by Email -

This class A preamplifier has been designed in a symmetrical structure. In the input differential stages we've used [...]

2N3055 50W Audio Amplifier

P. Marian - 05/03/2008

A very simple audio power amplifier circuit built with 741, 2N3053, 2N4037, 2N3055 and MJ2955 which deliver up [...]
tda1022 reverberator circuit

TDA1022 Audio Reverberator Circuit

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The first reverberator present here is based on TDA1022, the most used BBD. Reverberator adjustements for proper functionality [...]

NE/SA575 Datasheet Specifications

P. Marian - 05/02/2008

The NE/SA575 is a precision dual gain control circuit designed for low voltage applications. The NE/SA575's channel 1 is an expandor, while channel 2 can be configured either for expander, compressor or automatic level controller [...]

BLY94 Datasheet Specs

P. Marian - 05/01/2008

BLY94 is a RF Power transistor in a SOT-55 case which operate in class-B with a Vce of [...]

STK4241V Datasheet Specs

P. Marian - 04/29/2008

STK4241V Thick Film Hybrid IC AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply) (120W+120W min, THD = 0.08%). STK4241V Features [...]

IC 4060 Datasheet

P. Marian -

The 74HC/HCT4060 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with “4060” of the “4000B” series. The [...]
proximity sensor circuit schematic

Proximity Sensor Circuit – Detect Human Presence

Received by Email - 04/28/2008

This presence detector or proximity sensor circuit reacts in presence of any conductor object including humans. Sensitivity is [...]
liquid detector circuit schematic

Liquid Detector, Water Sensor Circuit

Received by Email - 04/27/2008

This is a very simple liquid detector that use a relay to open an evacuation van. You can use it for water or any liquid that conduct electricity. Use any PNP transistor that can stand [...]
mini drill revolution regulator circuit schematic

DC Drill Speed Controller Circuit

Received by Email -

With the help of this DC drill speed controller circuit you can control the number of revolutions of [...]
stabilized power supply circuit schematic

Stabilized Adjustable Power Supply 0-15V/5A

Received by Email -

This regulated power supply can be adjusted between a few volts and 15V with P1 and with P2 [...]
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