Prusa I3A Plus

Prusa I3A Plus Review and Assembly Tips

In the past, I tested several 3D printers models in the range for personal use, […]

STK4241V Stereo Audio Amplifier

P. Marian - 04/20/2008

This Home Stereo audio amplifier is equiped with STK4241V wich is a thick film hybrid IC, AF Power [...]
electronic pest repellent schematic

Electronic Mice Repellent Circuit

P. Marian - 04/17/2008

This electronic mice repellent emit high frequency sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that effectively repels [...]
electronic door lock circuit

The Simplest Electronic Door Code Lock Circuit

P. Marian -

This is the simplest electronic door lock that has a remarkable code implementation because it uses only one [...]

FM Dipole Antenna

P. Marian -

DIY FM dipole antenna or half wave antenna are the most used because is easy to build and [...]

300W FM RF Amplifier Circuit

P. Marian - 04/14/2008

This 300W RF power amplifier for your fm transmitter has 2 x TP9383 transistors. 300W radio power amplifier for 88 - 108 MHz band. (more…) [...]

20W FM RF Amplifier Circuit

P. Marian -

This FM RF power amplifier has 2 transistors from Philips: BLV10 and BLW87. The 2 rf transistors work [...]
tda1557q car amplifier schematic

Car Audio Amplifier TDA1557Q TDA1553Q

P. Marian -

This stereo audio amplifier is for car purpose and can deliver up to 2 x 22W using a [...]
tda1514 audio amplifier schematic

TDA1514 50W Audio Amplifier

P. Marian -

TDA1514 is a hi fi audio amplifier which can output 50W audio power. The power supply is between [...]

TDA1562Q 50W Car Audio Amplifier

P. Marian -

One car audio amplifier with TDA1562Q that can output 50W of audio power. (more…) [...]

LM12 150W Audio Amplifier

Received by Email -

LM12 operational amplifier can output currents up to 10A. The LM12 in encapsulated in TO-3 with 4 pins, can support up to 800W and has enough internal protections to prevent slacks from over-currents or over-heating. [...]
HF Dipole Antenna Design Software

Solve Elect Design

P. Marian -

With Solve Elect you can: design and analyze electronic circuits working in cc obtain formulas and values for [...]

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Circuit

P. Marian -

This ultrasonic dog repeller circuit will chase away angry dogs. It is build with the all known 555 [...]
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