network cable tester circuit

Network Cable Tester

Ron Owens - 07/27/13

This network cable tester is designed for testing network cable with CAT 5 connectors, RJ-45. It can be [...]
lightning strikes detection circuit

Lightning Strike Detection

GaryC - 07/25/13

Application Lightning strike detection circuit that flashes when lightning strikes nearby. Description It picks up and amplifies signals [...]
hyper simple battery tester

Battery Capacity, Discharge and Load Testing

GaryC - 07/25/13

This project is cool because it features the re-use of found objects in electronics; things you might have [...]
12V Lead Acid Battery Low Voltage Indicator

12V Lead Acid Battery Low Voltage Indicator

GaryC - 07/21/13

This is a simple circuit that will indicate a low voltage on a 12V lead acid battery. Many [...]
reed current monitor figure 1

Reed Switch as a Current Monitor

P. Marian - 01/23/13

In this current monitoring circuit we use a Reed switch with a LED and a resistor to indicate [...]
Vibration Impulse Counter Schematic

Vibration Impulse Counter

Jim Keith - 01/14/13

This is a take off from the previously posted bicycle anti-theft alarm. One commenter indicated a desire to [...]
LED DC Voltage Indicator

LED DC Voltage Indicator

Jim Keith - 10/25/12

This LED DC voltage indicator circuit is a voltmeter, rather than simply a battery tester. As such it [...]
test devices

In-Circuit Testing of Diodes and Rectifiers

Jim Keith - 10/14/12

We have all had difficulty testing diodes in-circuit. Most DMM’s have a diode Vf function that measures forward [...]
AC Microammeter

AC/DC Microammeter Circuit

Jim Keith - 10/07/12

This is a take-off on Mr. Marian’s "Simple Micro Ampere Meter Circuit" that utilizes active circuitry and an [...]

12V Battery Level Indicator Circuit

Jim Keith - 07/26/12

This battery level indicator offers (5) LEDs that light up progressively as the voltage increases: Red: Power Connected [...]
battery checker circuit schematic

12V Battery Checker Circuit

Sebastian Kushero - 07/24/12

This is a 12V battery checker circuit that uses 3 LEDs that light up at their respective voltages. [...]
temperature relay circuit schematic

Temperature Relay Circuit

P. Marian - 07/21/12

This simple temperature relay circuit can be used to signal a fire or setpoint for temperature monitoring function. [...]
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