Light Sensitive Switch Circuit

P. Marian - 01/26/10

There are a wide range of applications for light sensitive switches: lighting, entrance door, automatic staircase, automatic opening [...]

Mock Flasher LED Circuit

D Mohankumar - 01/25/10

This simple Mock Flasher LED simulates the indicator of a sophisticated Alarm system. It can be placed in [...]
white led flood lamp circuit schematic

White LED Flood Lamp Circuit

D Mohankumar - 01/18/10

This white LED flood lights illuminates your porch with cool white light. The circuit is too simple and [...]
Diac controlled LED Flasher

Diac Controlled LED Flasher

D Mohankumar - 01/06/10

This is probably the simplest idea to generate flashing light from an LED using AC. The circuit is [...]
neon tube brightness adjustement

Dimmable Fluorescent Lights Bulbs

Received by Email - 11/01/09

The brightness of a fluorescent light bulb or neon tube cannot adjust as easily as that of a [...]
halogen switch circuit diagram

Halogen Light Switch Circuit

P. Marian - 09/14/09

This halogen light switch circuit works only for dc halogen lamps. Halogen lamps give a good light and [...]

Blinker Circuit

Received by Email - 06/23/09

The blinker circuit design is made using the LM395 IC. This IC is a short-circuit proof power transistor [...]
sound controlled lights circuit schematic

Sound Controlled Lights Circuit

Received by Email - 06/20/09

This sound controlled lights circuit design is used to control the brightness of the lights attached to it [...]
night lamp alarm circuit schematic

Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm

P. Marian - 06/18/09

This circuit project automatically turns on a night lamp when bedroom light is switched off. The lamp remains [...]
sound activated lights circuit schematic

Sound Activated Lights Circuit

P. Marian - 04/25/09

This diy sound activated lights circuit turns a lamp ON for a short duration when the dog barks [...]

Flashing Beacon Circuit

P. Marian - 04/19/09

A flashing beacon has many uses. It can be employed as a distress signal on highways or as [...]

Electronic Lamp Dimmer Circuit

P. Marian - 03/28/09

This electronic lighting dimmer circuit is used to control the lamp for arbitrary brightness. This electronic lamp dimmer [...]
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