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  • Yohanes.S

    I need Quiz #3… do you have ?

    • Hamza

      1. Yes the questions were rellay good and I could feel the same time when I was watching this biggest breaking news.2. I want to share this memorial quiz with friends on Facebook and started the same.3. No nothing was surprise, everything as expected. Thanks for a great quiz

  • Yohanes.S

    Tankful,quizzes must be update to advance. I like it

    • Joseph

      I love the relationship ready’ info. I have a guy whom does not want to cimomt, and will not share his place, family, or see me more than once a week and most of the time once in 2 weeks I feel it is his demons more than him not wanting to cimomt, because he got to that point and ran .It is not all his fault because I believe I gave him that same message when he met me, however, I have faced my demons going right back to my childhood and now I do not have the tolerance to put up with his hot and cold It is so refreshing to learn how to do it with a guy that is ready and I feel strongly this is where I want to be now thank you for your information, giving me the direction I need to have, the confidence that life can and will begin for me .I am 16 years out of my 25 year abusive marriage and want to be with someone who will cherish, adore and love me unconditionally thank you for helping me to know what I want and how to do it .I did not know what soft side meant, yet I have read it so so many times but did not know how to do it, because I always am ONLY me and who I am, but never knowing how to tell HIM what I wanted and who I am I know now it is what I feel, and expect in my everyday for myself and from a man and to say it and tell him YaY!!! . I got it!!! .I used to be afraid to say it, thinking I was NOT good enough and he would run, but I AM good enough, because who I am, will attract the right guy who is good enough .accepting me just the way I am and me HIM ..I believe I have just found HOPE!!! .Thank YOU so much !!!

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