light dimmer circuit schematic

Automatic Lamp Dimmer Circuit

Received by Email - 09/28/08

This automatic light dimmer circuit makes it possible to control a lighting system so that it turns on [...]
fm antenna amplifier circuit schematic

FM Antenna Amplifier Circuit

Received by Email - 06/28/08

Use this fm antenna amplifier in areas where the signal reception of FM stations is too bad. This [...]
basic infrared transmitter circuit schematic

Basic Infrared Transmitter Circuit

Received by Email - 06/15/08

This infrared tranmitter is intended for use with this infrared receiver. It works with 2 - 1.5V batteries [...]
stun gun circuit schematic

DIY Stun Gun Circuit

P. Marian - 05/11/08

This is a diy simple stun gun circuit showned only for learning! In No Way Do I Recommend [...]
electronic pest repellent schematic

Electronic Mice Repellent Circuit

P. Marian - 04/17/08

This electronic mice repellent emit high frequency sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that effectively repels [...]
electronic door lock circuit

The Simplest Electronic Door Code Lock Circuit

P. Marian - 04/17/08

This is the simplest electronic door lock that has a remarkable code implementation because it uses only one [...]

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Circuit

P. Marian - 04/14/08

This ultrasonic dog repeller circuit will chase away angry dogs. It is build with the all known 555 [...]
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