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Hello, my name is Adam Carlson. I am an aerospace engineer by day and a serious electronics hobbyist by night. I work with some fantastic writers to bring you the great information we have here on Electro Schematics.

Our site is chock-full of in-depth tutorials and projects that range from the very basic to get you started to the complex that will interest the advanced user. Each tutorial is complete with the documentation you need to try it yourself.

If you cannot find something that fits your needs out of the over 1,100 posted projects, please drop us a line. If you have a wonderful project that you would like to write about, we welcome guest authors. Send us a note, and we can discuss the idea.

I want you to know that I truly love interacting with the community. Do not feel shy in sending a note; I will do my best to help you find a tutorial that meets your needs or point you in a direction that is helpful.

We also have our social media accounts, where you can keep up on the latest posts. Feel free to use one of the links below to follow us as we post new content.


Please do not use this page for asking questions about how a certain circuit works, or if we can design different circuits!

Use the Q&A section instead

We also accept submissions from members.

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