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Sine to Rectangular Wave Conversion Circuit

Srihari Rao - 07/14/2012

We have already given many posts on Op-Amp circuits. But the list of applications of Op-Amp will be [...]
simple am transmitter

Basic Low Power AM transmitter

Srihari Rao - 07/13/2012

This transmitter is basic but allows transmission of audio to an AM radio. It consists of an RF oscillator operating [...]
transfer characteristics

How to Move a Trip Point of Op-Amp Comparator Circuit?

Srihari Rao - 07/12/2012

You all will be familiar of basic comparator using a Op-Amp circuit. So today we will show you how [...]
high temperature

High Temperature Indicator Circuit

Srihari Rao - 07/11/2012

In some areas there is a need of temperature detectors which help them to detect temperature and indicate [...]
PPM using 555 timer

Simple Pulse Position Modulation Circuit

Srihari Rao - 07/10/2012

In pulse position modulation, the amplitude and width of the pulses are kept constant, while the position of [...]

Automatic Street Light Circuit

Srihari Rao - 07/09/2012

There have been lot of problems in street lights. Major problem in some places is every evening a [...]
LED as a Polarity indicator

Simple and Useful LED Circuits

Srihari Rao - 07/07/2012

Due to the advantages like low voltages, long life, cheap, reliable, fast on-off switching etc, the LED's are [...]
Precision full-wave rectifier circuit

Precision Full Wave Rectifier Circuit

Srihari Rao - 07/06/2012

The use of Operational amplifiers can improve the performance of a wide variety of signal processing circuits. In rectifier circuits, the voltage [...]
First-order butterworth active low pass filter

First-order Butterworth Active Low-pass Filter

Srihari Rao - 07/05/2012

Butterworth filter is a type of filter whose frequency response is flat over the passband region. Low-pass filter [...]

Johnson Ring Counter Circuit with 74LS164

Srihari Rao - 07/02/2012

Counters have numerous application in Digital field. There are many types of counters, today we are going to [...]