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high power ozone generator

High Power Ozone Generator

joribo - 10/29/2014

Here is a more powerful ionisator and ozone generator than described in my version-2. It is meant for [...]
ozone generator circuit

Low Power Ozone Generator

joribo - 10/13/2014

Generating ozone and negative ions in the air can be done by a corona discharge. For this we [...]
alkaline battery regenerator

Regenerating Alkaline Batteries

joribo - 09/21/2014

We regenerate these type of alkaline batteries here: (not normal rechargable ones...) The Schematic The schematic is [...]
Ni-MH Batteries balancer

Balancing Ni-MH Battery Packs

joribo - 09/08/2014

There are still a lot of hand-held tools in use with Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. The simple charger [...]
fluorescent lamp starter driver

Fluorescent Lamp Driver with Starter

joribo - 09/01/2014

About the CD4049 there are contradictional info's. My data book from 1981 states that pin 16 is "3 [...]
car battery charger

Low-loss Car Battery Charger

joribo - 06/20/2014

Low-loss car battery charger presented here can be used for a lead-acid battery with liquid acid, typical size [...]
fluorescent lamp driver

Fluorescent Lamp Driver

joribo - 05/28/2014

1. Starting a fluorescent on an inverter The 12V drivers for fluorescent lamps are tricky, because of the [...]
fluorescent lamp driver schematic

Fluorescent Light Driver

joribo - 09/26/2013

Fluorescent light driver, my project No. 10 (versions 1 to 9 will be reported when I have my [...]

12V DC to 220V AC Inverter

joribo - 08/19/2013

by Georg Böhmeke The internet is full of such schematics, so this project is nothing special. I try [...]