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About: I grew up in Massachusetts. I cut my teeth on electrical cord and learned how not to splice such by age 7. Started building my first hobby circuits at age 11 using the venerable 1N34A diode & 2N107 transistor. In high school, I knew more than the teacher so I taught my physics class electronics--LOL. Still too dumb to get into MIT, I attended Wentworth Institute of Technology (where MIT dropouts also go) and then Moody Bible Institute. However, most of what I learned was not in school. I eat, drink and sleep circuits--repeatedly, have I awoken with a circuit solution. The electronics industry has provided good employment throughout my career and now retired, I continue with hobby stuff and a small ebay electronics business. The photo is that of Toby, my grandaughters' beagle.


scr 12v battery charger circuit schematic

12V Battery Charger Circuit using SCR

Jim Keith - 07/22/2012

This battery charger circuit differs from the norm in a number of ways, all of which make it [...]