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    790 articles written by P. Marian

    P. Marian

    Author: P. Marian

    About: I love all about electronics, circuit diagrams and crazy projects that can help us achieve almost everything our mind can conceive. I created this website and I want to invite you to participate in our project and create the greatest electronic circuits database.

    Website: http://www.electroschematics.com/

    MCP1755 Datasheet

    The MCP1755/1755S is a family of CMOS low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators that can deliver up to 300 mA of current while consuming only 68.0 µA of quiescent current (typical). The input operating range is specified from 3.6V to 16.0V, making it an ideal choice for four to six primary cell battery-powered applications, 12V...

    Delayed Automatic Power OFF

    This circuit is build with the 555 IC and will automatically turn off the power after 20 minutes. You can use the circuit to turn off the porch light after you lock the house or similar other uses. The 555 timer is operated as a monostable and a momentary push on S1 switch makes the output go high which triggers the triac and...

    220V Solid State Flashing Lamp with 555

    This 220V mains operated solid state flashing lamp circuit uses a 555 timer IC to control the ON and OFF times of a triac which controls power to the load. The power supply for the IC is obtained by half wave rectifier (D1), a stabilizer circuit (D2 and R1) and filter capacitor C1. The lamp stays ON for about 1 second and OFF...

    Touch Sensor Switch Circuit with 555 timer

    This is a very simple touch sensor switch that is build with the 555 timer IC. You just need to touch the metal plate and the relay gets energised and is kept in this state for about 100 seconds, then is released. This kind of sensor switch is suitable for making touch operated bells, buzzers of small toys which operate for a...

    The Graphene Supercapacitor Revolution!

    You wouldn’t believe what they have discovered while making some experiments with the graphene – a Nobel-prize winning supermaterial. They were trying to produce high-quality sheets of graphene using a regular DVD-Burner and they succeeded, but the real surprise came when a researcher in Richard Kaner‘s lab...

    Test Human Reaction Time with the 555 IC

    With this simple circuit that is built with the 555 IC you can test human reaction time. You can find out how fast do you react by trying to catch a flashing LED. How does the human reaction tester works? When S1 is ON the circuit acts as a astable multivibrator and the LED is lit for about 0.1 second and is flashing every 1.5...
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