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Author: Vincent Kok

About: I am a second year Electronic engineering student. I like to do projects and discover new things !


PCB Defects Detection with OpenCV

Vincent Kok - 06/20/2014

1.0 Abstract The main objective of this project is to let students apply the image processing techniques that [...]
2wd car block diagram

VK 2WD Electric Car with Arduino

Vincent Kok - 01/22/2014

Have you ever wanted to build yourself a 2WD Electric Car and control it wirelessly especially through your [...]
arduino lcd lm35

Temperature Controlled Relay with Arduino – Tutorial #6

Vincent Kok - 07/17/2013

In this project, we are going to build something very simple project, a temperature controlled relay that is [...]
ds1307 circuit diagram

Digital Clock with Arduino and DS1307

Vincent Kok - 07/03/2013

In this article you will learn how to make a digital clock using Arduino and the DS1307 RTC [...]

Build Your Own Arduino Board

Vincent Kok - 01/20/2013

Need more Arduino board? Do not spend more money for another one. Why not try to build your [...]