Wide Frequency Range 555 VCO

Jim Keith - 11/28/12

The 555 frequency can be varied via adjusting the voltage at pin 5. However, the range and linearity [...]
Light Activated Siren Circuit Schematic

Light Activated Siren Circuit

Jim Keith - 11/10/12

This light activated siren could make an unknowing "victim" wet his pants when turning on the lights in [...]
1watt 7905 stereo amplifier circuit schematic

1W Audio Amplifier With Voltage Regulators

P. Marian - 06/22/12

A simple stereo audio amplifier is built around two 7905 negative-voltage regulators (IC1 and IC2) and a few [...]
sound level meter circuit schematic

Sound Level Meter Circuit

P. Marian - 04/12/12

This sound level meter circuit can be used to control the intensity of a sound recording or in [...]
lm317 audio amplifier

LM317 Audio Amplifier

P. Marian - 03/02/12

You probably know that LM317 IC is used as an adjustable voltage regulator, but did you know it [...]
telephone ringtone generator schematic

Telephone Ringtone Generator Circuit

P. Marian - 12/10/11

This is a simple home telephone ringtone generator circuit which is built with applying only several electronic components [...]
hi fi stereo preamplifier circuit schematic

Hi-Fi Stereo Preamp Circuit

Received by Email - 05/23/11

This Hi Fi stereo preamplifier circuit is built with TDA1054 IC from SGS. TDA1054 is a 16-pin DIL [...]
quartz 1hz timebase generator circuit schematic

Quartz 1Hz Generator

T.K. Hareendran - 02/12/11

Here is one basic circuit of a simple but accurate 1Hz timebase generator built around a standard Quartz [...]
touch controlled mute switch circuit

Touch Controlled Mute Switch with 555 IC

D Mohankumar - 11/28/10

Here is another simple circuit to mute the volume of Audio devices through simple touch. It exploits the [...]
tremolo effect circuit schematic

DIY Tremolo Effect Circuit

Received by Email - 11/17/10

This tremolo effect circuit uses the XR2206 and the TCA730 IC which is designed as an electronic balance [...]
audio processor circuit schematic

Audio Processor Circuit

Received by Email - 11/16/10

This audio processor circuit features the SSM2045 IC which was developed specially for electronic music applications and the [...]
3 band audio equalizer circuit schematic

3 Band Audio Equalizer Circuit

P. Marian - 11/10/10

This 3 band equalizer circuit is an active filter network for bass, mid and high audio ranges. It [...]
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