mini audio compressor

Mini Audio Compressor Schematic

This mini audio compressor circuit use only one active component T1. The audio signal goes thru C1, R1, D1, C2, R3. Still a part of audio signal charge the D3/D4 detector and creates a control voltage for T1.
The fading time depends on C4 and R5. With an audio input variation of 50dB, the output signal get is +-3dB. You can use this audio compressor circuit in a transmitter.

Schematic of Audio Compressor Circuit

mini audio compressor


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  • coxwandy

    Im like audio compresor(soundsistem)

  • ProctorSilex

    Would any adjustments be necessary for a 6v voltage source?
    I see a lot of differing specs on the AA119 with a forward voltage ranging from 0.25v to 2.2v. What are the specs on the diodes for this circuit so that I can find an equivalent?


    • Jim Keith

      For Vcc = 6V, I would limit the maximum input signal level to 5Vp-p, and halve the value of R6.

      For the AA119, I would either purchase (2) 1N34A diodes on ebay, or try 1N5817 schottky diodes.

  • kompresor

    its very different but i like, thank you from Adanakompresor

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