Renesas Washing Machine High End Microcontroller

Modern high performance washing machines now have to be eco-friendly electric household appliances, providing modern technology advances that cleans clothes, whilst using less water, less power and are quieter in their operation. Higher specification products also have ion cleaning functions to eliminate odors and the trend towards multifunctional use is set to continue.

A modern washing machine requires a motor that can deliver high torque during the agitation portion of the wash cycle, high-speed rotation during the spin cycle, and a high degree of durability. As some models function not only as washers but as dryers as well, they must also incorporate inverter control technology for the drying function.

Renesas has a wide-ranging lineup of MCUs that enable their customers to develop products that satisfy these requirements. The products in the RX62T Group and V850E/Ix4 are ideal for use as motor control MCUs, and those in R8C/3xT Group(Touch key) and the RL78/G14 Group are designed for system control. These MCUs meet a variety of requirements for washing machine control, including wide-range motor torque, rotation rate control, and load variation.

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