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    Bedwetting is one of the most common childhood problems that can have a significant impact on a child’s health if left unattended. During the night, the parents would not know if the child has urinated and the kid may sleep all night long on a wet bed, or with a wet nappy. Bedwetting/Wet Nappy alert system provides a very effective solution to this problem by sounding an alarm as soon as the child begins to wet the bed.

    Bedwetting alarm is widely recognized as one of the most effective solutions for bedwetting. It is safe and has no potential side effects like medical treatment!

    Bedwet-Fig 2

    The schematic

    Bedwet wet diapers circuit

    This is the circuit of a Wet Condition sensor that generates loud beeps when it detects moisture in its sensor mechanism. The system’s special moisture sensor (a pair of closley-placed copper pads) placed on the bed sheet near the child triggers the alarm at the start of urination. The alarm’s sound is loud enough to awaken the child and the parents, who can take the child to the bathroom and the wet clothes of the kid can be changed before going back to sleep. This simple alert system can also be very helpful for physically challenged people, hospital patients and people suffering from nocturnal enuresis (inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination).

    Near-Finished Circuit

    Bedwet-Fig 4

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    12 Responses to "Bedwetting/Wet Diaper Alert System"

    1. Sir
      Am a new subcriber, this wet bed model, don’t u think the child will unconcusly cut d cacle that links the buzzer and the sensor?

    2. This is a cct that has more uses than we can see on the surface! Rain, water level, clothes drier dry detector a zillion just change the sensor!


    4. sir,is it 100 kohm or 100 ohm resistor?reply soon…thank you.

    5. yeah needed the help regarding the circuit diagram of bed alaram mean to say to detect the presnce of patient in the bed or not help me out to design

    6. the above prjct is good .. but i am looking for the design ckt for BED ALRAM means to say to detect the presence of patient on the bed or not .. please help me out urgrnt reuired

    7. Ad hi!
      To make the circuit to work as a detector if the patient is in bed or not I can only suggest that you use a sensor mat as used for burglar alarms under mats/ stairs window sills and so on

    8. this is a neat little circuit but can you tell me what purpose the two 1meg pots have.whats there purpose.


    9. Nice project

    10. Mayur Bhalshankar says: on January 27, 2015 at 11:43 am

      Which component you are using for sensing moisture level ?
      reply ASAP.

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