Test these electronic schematics!

testing Hi guys, I have this idea of testing schematics based on your suggestions. I have already started testing some:

Go on and look at the tested circuits we’ve tried so far.

So I am asking you to write in the comments section below what schematics you want me to test. I will buy the components in case I do not have them already and test that circuit, then post the results as an update of that article.

I will test the circuits that are available on so please add the link to the article in your comments. If there is a high number of requests for a certain circuit that is from another website then I might start the test for that too.

The comment must be in this format:

Test this:……. (the link to the article)
Reason: “I want to build it for my exams” or “I built it and it doesn’t work” or something else

I will take into consideration only the requests from registered members, so you have to be logged in when you add your comment. You can register here in case you are not already a member. Your request won’t be taken into consideration if you are not registered as a member and logged in with your account.


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  • osmankarabay

    I want to build it for my exams

  • Nadjir

    Hello Sir! Can u test this circuit.How would i know if the code is correct?. And also what kind of capacitor(electrolytic or ceramics) would i use for C1,C2 and C3.

    Can u check also this circuit also where should i put the Capacitors and LED


  • Sebastian Kushero

    All the circuits we provided have been actually built on a pcb tested and then published

  • sajidsoomro46

    thanks for starting this project,it will help the users.

  • Salim Khan

    Test this:
    Reason: Solar array’s are too heavy so how the circuit will work or what kinds of modification is needed.

    • Salim Khan

      Thanks for testing the circuit.

      Please try to test this circuit with big and heavy solar arrays. And if you do not have big motors then suggest how to add solar tracker in a heavy solar arrays.

    • Popescu Marian

      Ok, the solar tracker is the next one to be tested, but I am worried about the motors because I cannot test it with load and I do not have such big motors.

  • taibaniimran

    hey can you try the brushless motor circuit for high performance with low power.

  • joribo

    These PSPICE and similar are only exact when you have exact base data. In many cases you dont have the special effects, for example modelling a resistive-phase induction motor in start condition is a full PH-D thesis 🙂
    So, imo, testing is in such cases the only way, and gives added value for the people who build the projects.

  • Jacqueline

    I would like to suggest you to test this circuit
    Reason: I need to make a door alarm for my project.

  • niks

    ya. its very good idea. i want to test some circuits..


    For all those who think this is a great idea and all, think again – this is precisely what Circuit simulators do. Visit LTSpice and the others like it.

    • bob

      I made a 555 delay circuit which worked but when I drew the circuit out on my simulator it failed to work. Pin 4 needed to be connected to earth on the simulator to stop it floating but in fact it worked quite happily without pin 4 earthed.

    • william well

      I don`t like simulators programs. if i didn`t smell the solder or didn`t burn my fingers while working in circuit, will not make me happy or feel like I`v done something .

    • Chinmoy Mitra

      Good answer Mr Marian. There is no shortage of morons who make such comments. I for one simply don’t trust any spice app or circuit simulators.You are very right to say that they have very limited databases of components, and the simulation results are also very doubtful. People like Really! actually sit at their computers and try to build electronic circuits on their monitors; I doubt if he has ever held a soldering iron in his hands, let alone build any circuits. I really pity him, since he is losing on the thrilling experience of building something which actually works. I congratulate you on your decision of testing out the circuits published here. My regards to you.

    • Popescu Marian

      🙂 yeah sure! These kind of simulators are not very precise, not to mention the fact that the components database is very limited and you might get different results when you test it on a breadboard using REAL components. I have a better idea: let’s not build the circuits anymore, what is the point in that?!