Top 5 Weirdest Arduino Projects

To be honest with you, there are some weird Arduino projects on the web and I spent hours reading about it, how the ideas became real, and watching videos showing how it works. I must say to you that there are some folks that have too much free time!

I have selected some of the weirdest projects even though all of them have a bit of crazyness, but is worth talking about it because Arduino projects like these are a great way of learning and trying new things. The top 5 is arranged in descending order, starting with a pretty “normal” project and finishing with the most insane one.

5. eSleeper – put your pet on sleep mode

This idea is quite good but I do not think the cat will agree with it. We all know that cats love to sit in boxes of all kind and sizes but to put it inside a iMac… Probably the cat is thinking something like this “Meow, why do I have to sleep inside a monitor and WTM (why the meow) didn’t you upgrade to a newer version of Mac?”
It would have been better to name the project iCat.

Read more about the eSleeper on Samuel Cox website.

4. The Magic Crystal Mood Ball(s)

arduino mood ball project

I do not want to be rude, but what is the point of this project? Do I really need a ball to tell me that I am angry or happy? It will be great to have this ball with you every time even in your office, especially if you are a boss. You make a litlle hack and set it on angry mode and no subordinate will disturbe you. Or give it to your girlfriend and make a remote control to turn it on RED mode and then throw her in bed and tell her you know what she needs! If she disagrees tell her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, the ball doesn’t LIE!

Source of the project –

3. Spatialized umbrella – look, an UFO!

A quote from the video: “The spatialized umbrella offers an entirely new dimension to walking in the rain using light and sound this umbrella creates an immersive mobile and highly personal multi sensor environment”.

This project deserves a spot in this top because it left me thinking what is the purpose of it? I imagined myself walking on a rainy night and people around me calling 911: “Hello, 911? There is a man striked by lightning and now it glows in the dark. Please come quickly and get some batteries to charge them too!”

2. Singing plant – bettter listen to opera music

On second place we have a plant that sings, actually it doesn’t sing but is used as a sensor. You need to touch the plant in order to create a capacitive reaction then use the Arduino to generate sounds that are amplified. So, you need to rub it and it will react. I really like how people choose this weird names for their projects…

1. Mind-controlled Nerf Gun – PEW PEW!

Mind-controlled Nerf gun project

This must be the scariest Arduino project ever! Imagine how terrifying you can be by having this nerf gun when you enter a store. The seller will have no time to press the alarm button because you will PEW-PEW him instantly and if police will come you can use it to neutralize them using only your thoughts, this is mind-blowing!

Read more –

So, this is the top 5 and I hope you had as much fun as I did. I bet there are other interesting projects on the web but I haven’t found them yet.


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  • Kuberkoos

    Yep,my cat stated categorically that ANY self-respecting feline should ignore this item, and continue to wash his/her slave’s Android phone (Like he does!)

  • Daniela

    The one with the cat is quite cute but useless indeed. I wonder if my cat would like it, but I think she is more an Android fan.