12V to 6V converter circuit schematic

12V to 6V Converter with 7805 or LM309

In this schematic is presented a simple 12 Volts to 6 volts converter circuit that is built with the well-known 7805 voltage regulator or the LM309 IC. You can use 7806 as well, but this circuit comes in handy when you do not have a spare 7806.

Schematic of the 12 V to 6 V converter circuit

12V to 6V converter circuit schematic

You can get out a different voltage, for example 7.5V and in this case you have to use 3 or 4 diodes at the GND pin of the IC. The maximum output current will be 1 amp and you need to use a good heatsink.

The actual voltage might be different, for example using 2 diodes as shown in the schematic can give an output voltage of 6.5V and using one diode will result in a 6V output. It is better to assemble the circuit on a protoboard (breadboard) and test.


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  • Luis M

    What is the power comsumtion without load? I considering use with 6 v load but no constant.

  • sarfaraj

    Is it possible to combine 3.7v (4 cellphone) 4 battery to get 12v output?

  • breakthedawn

    Please consider the amount of energy u waste with this circuit and it will not work properly with high currents.

    (Input voltage – output voltage) * Amperes is your loss in Watts.
    In this case 6 Watts are converted to heat!
    Have a look at the datasheet, there are better circuits.

  • Paolo Del Bene

    Hello, i got 36 LEDs, every LED has inside 24 Lights.

    Every LED works to 12 Volts and maximum output of light is 2 Watts.

    V= R x I
    I= V / R
    R= V / I
    Watt = V x I

    Watt = 2
    Volts = 12

    2 / 12 = 0,16 Ampere

    Per each LED.

    The LEDs works fine with a battery to 12 Volts and 9 Ampere

    Can i use your circuit 12 Volts to 6 Volts.


  • arun

    Hey can someone help me in ordering the parts for this project from digikey…

  • caudron

    bravo et merci a MR OHM 1970 et un petit coucu de sete (France)

  • ROCKET 88

    I just rebuilt a ’50 Cadillac radio which draws about 6 amps constant and 8 amps momentarily when the dial pointer return solenoid kicks in. Will this circuit work? If not, is there a modification? Thanks, Bill

  • MR OHM 1970

    @Pranay–Use Dc as an Input…. Circuit shown here would work for You!!!! Good Luck with your Project

  • Pranay Banerjee

    A great idea to convert 12V to 6 V . But one thing is not clear to me and that is whether the input voltage is AC or DC . If I like to convert 18 volt to 9 volts what should I require to configure the circuit? Thanks.

  • Clarkdale44


    Can i use it to charge my 6v battery as well. I have a 12v lead acid battery charger which charges battery with 14v 1.5 amp. Do u think this circuit can be used to charge 6v 4.5ah battery? I asked this coz 7.5v 1 amp is a pretty good voltage for charging if the output voltage is constant.

    • MR OHM 1970

      OOPS!!!! Book was released in 1971!!!!

    • MR OHM 1970

      Use 4 Diodes In Series (4x.7v= 2.8v) Output will be 5v(from 7805) + 2,8v= 7.8v output. A Fellow By the name of Herb Friedman included this type of circuit in his book called 99 Electronic Projects, This Book Was Published in the 80’s,Great Circuit To Show Us Regardless Who Laid First Claim To It!!!! Thanks!!!! @ergin,,Your English Is Fine!!