smd marking code preview

SMD Code Book and Marking Codes

Here you can download the SMD code book that shows SMD marking codes for almost every surface-mount device available on the market. To identify a particular device, first identify the package style and note the ID code printed on the device.

Next look up the code in the alphanumeric listing which forms the main part of the pdf book by looking for the first character in the left column. You can use the CTRL + F shortcut to search for a certain SMD code because it will be hard to look through 3400 codes, with type numbers, characteristics or equivalents and pinout information.

Preview of the SMD Code Book

smd marking code preview

[button link=”http://www.electroschematics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/SMD-code-book.pdf” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”]download the smd codebook[/button]


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  • dharamprakash

    What is the code of smd resistance “tk” for LCD.

  • elektrosercen

    CB- RT8058PQW RT8058 WQFN-3×3-16L 1MHz, 2A, High Efficiency PWM Step-Down DC/DC Converter
    CB- RT9013A-18PU5 RT9013A SC-70-5 120mA, Low Dropout, Low Noise Ultra-Fast Without Bypass Capacitor CMOS LDO Regulator
    CB- RT9167A-50PB RT9167A SOT-23-5 Low-Noise, Fixed Output Voltage,500mA LDO Regulator
    CB- RT9169-15PVL RT9169 SOT-23-3 100mA, 4uA Quiescent Current CMOS LDO Regulator
    CBxx RN5RT41AA SOT-23-5 4.1V LDO Voltage Regulator
    CBxx APE8862U5-12 APE8862 SC-70-5L 1.2V 0.6A Low Dropout Positive Regulator
    CBxx AX6901BR AX6901 SOT23-3 4.38V Microprocessor Reset Circuit
    CBxx IMP1811R-10 IMP1811 SOT-23 4.35V Low Power, 5V uP Reset
    CBxx MAX6314US37D1 MAX6314 SOT143 3.70V 1ms 68HC11/Bidirectional-Compatible uP Reset Circuit
    CBxx MCP3421A1T-E/CH MCP3421 SOT-23-6 18-Bit ADC with I2C Interface and Onboard Reference
    CBxx TC1017-1.9VLT TC1017 SC-70-5 150 mA, Tiny CMOS LDO With Shutdown
    CBxx TC1017-1.9VLTTR TC1017 SC-70-5 150 mA, Tiny CMOS LDO With Shutdown
    CBxx TCM829ECT TCM829 SOT-23-5 Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter
    CB% TL431IDBZR TL431 SOT23 Adjustable precision shunt regulator
    CB+xx ALT10023TR TO-243AA NPN 120V 1.5A Transistor
    CB+xx RP130Q311A RP130Q SC-82AB 3.1V LOW NOISE 150mA LDO REGULATOR
    CB+xx RP152N002A RP152N SOT-23-6 150 mA 1.8V+2.8V Dual LDO Regulator with Sequence Control

    CBA SN74LVC1G06MDCKREP SN74LVC1G06-EP SC-70-5 Enhanced Product Single Inverter Buffer/Driver With Open-Drain Output
    CBAx NCS2200SQ2T2 NCS2200 SC70-5 Low Voltage Comparator
    CBQ 2SC4132 MPT3 Power NPN Transistor (120V, 1.5A)
    CBQ SMBJ100CA-TR SMB 100V 600W Bidirectional TRANSIL
    CBQ TPS62243DRV TPS62243 R-PUSON-R6 2.25MHz 300mA Step-Down Converter
    CBQxx RP106N181D5 RP106N SOT-23-5 1.85V 0.8% ACCURACY 400mA LDO REGULATOR

    QD CPH5803 CPH5 N-Channel Silicon MOSFET and Schottky Barrier Diode
    QD MCH5804 MCPH5 P-Channel Silicon MOSFET and Schottky Barrier Diode
    QD QDL3 SOT-223 Snubber Damping Rectifier
    QD QDM3 SOT-89 Snubber Damping Rectifier
    QD R1114Q331B SC-82AB 150mA LDO Ultra-Low noise voltage regulator
    QD RN1324A 2-2E1A Silicon NPN Epitaxial Transistor with Resistor
    QD RN1424 2-3F1A Silicon NPN Epitaxial Transistor with Resistors
    QD BD5323FVE-TR BD5323FVE VSOF5 Voltage Detector with Adjustable Delay Time
    QD BD5323G-TR BD5323G SSOP5 Voltage Detector with Adjustable Delay Time
    Qd BD53E32G-MTR BD53E32G-M SSOP5 Voltage Detector with Adjustable Delay Time
    Qd BD53E32G-TR BD53E32G SSOP5 Voltage Detector with Adjustable Delay Time

    Y+5209 MIC5209YML MIC5209 MLF3x3-8 500mA Low-Noise LDO Voltage Regulator
    Y+xxx VS-FCSP0730TR FCSP0730 FlipKY-0.75 Chip Scale Package Schottky Barrier Rectifier, 0.75 A

  • elektrosercen

    I guess your package ID adjacent row ie CB+AY or CBA+Y, CBQ+D or CB+QD
    here is the text for your knowlodge maybe give you an idea


    Dear Sir

    Please find the following SMD ICs as i have not understood with marking codes :-


    • pratik

      Hi Rajesh,

      Did you find the IC details with marking code CBQD? If yes, can you please forward the details.

  • mahmoud

    I have a ic smd that code is ARZ8 what is the name of it?

  • elektrosercen

    I found very useful site http://www.systek.ru/marking.php and solved own problem.

  • elektrosercen

    Hi everyone i have got a defective smps circuit. I found a faulty smd diode but i dont know what it’s marking code means. the code is only B03.
    with which part I have to replace it.
    note: The diode runs above 380V
    thanks now

  • Alfredo Perez

    Excellent source of information !! Thank you very much!!

  • Anuj Rawat

    this ic use in mobile adeptar so we need in actual value in smd ic QOCA. (QOCA is body mark in ic)

  • Anuj Rawat

    We need smd ic qoca.

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