strobe lighting project kit

Strobe Lights Project

Stroboscopic effects of lights for nightclubs are realized by bringing into play old white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) swapping the ejection lanterns/lamps for superior effectiveness at minimal cost. This control is achievable by instantaneously changing the Light Emitting Diodes on & off at elevated volts for small amount of time span. This speedy control of power from complete shine to complete off aids in creating a stroboscopic outcome which is commonly bring into play in discotheque dance floorboards for improved effects.

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Strobe Lighting Block Diagram

strobe lights block diagram

8051 family’s programmable micro-controller is fit into placed to give such effect being motivated by a MOSFET for group of Light Emitting Diodes. The microcontroller as per schedule produces ON/OFF commands at lofty rate as a result providing the stroboscopic effect of lights. Since the controller provides merely 5volts drive, it’s not achievable for the MOSFET to be constantly be switched ON at that high voltage. A crossing point transistor is made use of amid the controller productivity and the MOSFET for driving the same.

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strobe lighting project kit

The power delivery comprises of a 230/12V step down transformer, this transformer steps down the volt to 12V AC. This is transformed to DC by means of a Bridge rectifier. The ripples are detached by means of a capacitive filter and it’s then synchronized to +5Volts by means of a voltage controller 7805 which is necessary for the functioning of the micro-controller and additional gears.

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  • Colin Mitchell

    This is another JUNK kit from EDGEFX. They want 6,000 INR for the kit in a country that earns 360 INR per day. This is 16 days wages or equivalent to $2,400 in Australian wages.

    It inputs 17v and converts this to 5v and no mention of what voltage is supplied to the strings of LEDs.
    It just PWM’s the LEDs. It does not need a microcontroller to do this !!!!!

    The kit can be made for less than $20.00 Australian.
    In fact I will sell you a kit for $19.00 and I have already shown how to produce a display of LEDs from a single cell and a voltage boost circuit to drive them efficiently.

  • MR OHM 1970

    I couldn’t agree with you more….Colin, Naveen and Matheus!!! Where as possible keep it simple Not Complex!!!

  • Matheus

    Other option, though, is to use the good and old flash-bulb-based strobe.

  • Matheus

    Sorry, but the microcontroller is useless in this circuit. You could have done this using only 2 transistors and a few other parts to form a basic oscillator, or as people already noted, using a 555 timer.

  • Naveen

    Same can be done through 555

  • Colin Mitchell

    This project can be done with a 555 and a few parts.

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