Industrial Power Controller without Harmonics

The industrial power controller project is intended to attain vital cycle switching; a technique to get rid of complete cycle, cycles or fractions of cycles of an AC sign. It is a renowned and aged technique of managing AC power, principally across linear loads for instance heaters brought into play in electric oven.

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Industrial Power Control Block Diagram

Industrial Power Controller Block Diagram

On the other hand, the idea of attaining the cycle lifting of voltage waveform by bringing into use microcontroller which is of 8051 family can be extremely exact as per the plan engraved in assembly or C language so that the real time average voltage or electric current practiced at the load is fairly lesser than the entire signal if functional to the load. In position of a linear load to be employed in the output, a succession motor or lamp can be applied to make sure the output. One sided outcome of making use of this proposal is an unevenness in the input of the electric current or voltage waveform as the cycles are turned ON or OFF as per the load.

Industrial Power Controller Project Kit

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In this industrial power control project we are bringing into play comparator for zero crossing recognition which is supplied as a break up to the micro-controller which is from 8051 family. Here the micro-controller supplies the output according to the break up expected as the reference for producing triggering pulses. Making use of these pulses, we impel the opto-isolators for shooting the TRIAC to attain vital cycle control according to the input keys interfaced to the micro-controller of 8051 family. A lamp is made available in this project in position of a machine for display purpose.

Additionally this project can be improved by bringing into play feedback method to robotically retain preferred output to the load by apt cycle lifting.

you can read more info and buy this project here

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