lamp life extender project kit

Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) for Lamp Life Extender

This lamp life extender project is intended to create an appliance to enhance the existence of luminescent lanterns or lamps. Luminescent lanterns or lamps show signs of very small resistance in freezing circumstances owing to which it pulls lofty current while turned ON, as a result breakdown is fast.

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Block diagram of the lamp life extender

Lamp Life Extender Block Diagram

Frequent switching of lantern or lamps may turn the load at maximum supply voltage. When such random switching takes place while the lantern or lamp is enclosing small resistance (freezing circumstances) then the electric current further go sky-high (at the point of max supply voltage turn ON) resulting in impulsive collapse of the lantern or lamp. The planned project offers an answer by fitting into place a TRIAC in such a manner that the turn ON time is exactly directed by precisely sacking it after noticing the zero cross end of the waveform of delivered voltage. This would outcome in electric current waveform increasing from zero at the moment of switch to peak value, in this manner escalating the lantern or lamp’s life.

lamp life extender project kit

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The project is enclosing comparator which is brought into play for ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) output. The zero voltage switching or ZVS is specified as reference interrupt to the micro-controller which is from 8051 family.

A push switch is brought into play for turning the lantern or lamp ON/OFF at zero voltage of the delivered voltage so the lantern or lamp pulls electric current progressively from zero to full value.

Additionally the lamp life extender project can be improvised by means of three TRIACS, one in each & every phase for three phase load controlling.

you can read more info and buy this project here

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