flashing lamp project kit

Flashing Lamp like a Beacon Project Kit

This flashing lamp project is intended to present flash lanterns/lamp creating a flare light by and large brings into play in ship yards, sea beaches etc. It’s also brought into play in center of the deep ocean to caution ships regarding the unseen rocks.

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Block diagram of the beacon flaser project

beacon flasher block diagram

flashing lamp project kit

From 8051 family a programmable micro-controller is fit into place to supply the flash light at regular gaps according to the practice pursued at sea coast, ship yards etc. A small electrical energy lantern/lamp of 12Volts is fitted by a power MOSFET in Pulse width modulation (PWM) mode which itself is obtained from a micro-controller.

The task rotation of the Pulse width module has to be altered depending on the kind of purpose. Since the micro controller provides only 5volts drive, it’s not achievable for the MOSFET to be unfailingly change ON at that volt. A crossing point transistor is made use of amid the controller production and the MOSFET for forcing the same.
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In additional the assignment can be improved by bring into play a high power 230 Volts lantern/lamp in grouping with solid condition switch for enhanced vision.

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