AD8099 Datasheet

The AD8099 is an ultralow noise (0.95 nV/√Hz) and distortion (–92 dBc @10 MHz) voltage feedback op amp, the combination of which make it ideal for 16- and 18-bit systems. The AD8099 features a new, highly linear, low noise input stage that increases the full power bandwidth (FPBW) at low gains with high slew rates. ADI’s proprietary next generation XFCB process enables such high performance amplifiers with relatively low power.
The AD8099 drives 100 Ω loads at breakthrough performance levels with only 15 mA of supply current. With the wide supply voltage range (5 V to 12 V), low offset voltage (0.1 mV typ), wide bandwidth (700 MHz for G = +2), and a GBWP up to 3.8 GHz, the AD8099 is designed to work in a wide variety of applications.

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