UM3763 Datasheet

The UM3763 datasheet specifies that this IC is a CMOS LSI circuit which contains analog signal amplifiers and frequency detector for driving motor. It is designed for use in electronic devices and other applications. It is packed with 8 pins DIP.

UM3763 pin configuration

UM3763 pin configuration

UM3763 features

  • typical 3V operating voltage
  • a motor can be driven by connecting a NPN transistor
  • RC oscillator with one external resistor
  • on-chip analog signal amplifiers
  • use of whistle for controlling
  • the output stage will change when the device senses effective frequency

UM3763 block diagram

UM3763 block diagram


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  • ricardo

    Me pueden colaborar indicándome un circuito integrador que remplace al UM3763

  • luis manuel

    taste very good so I would get a timer um3763

  • luis manuel

    quiziera saber como arquiero un um3763 circuito integrado mejor dicho temporizador

    • Rafa_RGB

      Quizá querías decir:

      “Quisiera saber cómo adquirir un UM3763 circuito integrado. Mejor dicho un temporizador”
      “How can I buy an UM3763. In fact a timming i.c.? ”

      Respuesta: NE555, NE556,… Dependiendo de las necesidades.

      What about google: NE555, NE556,… Depending on timming needs.