electronic mouse repellent circuit schematic

Electronic Mouse Repellent Circuit

This electronic mouse repellent circuit was designed because most people agree that rats and mice are not welcome in our houses, meantime some of us don’t want to hurt this tiny and “beautiful” creatures. Using a CMOS 4047 IC that is connected in such a way that it can function as an relax oscillator to generate frequencies between 5 KHz and 30 KHz. The freq is adjusted with P1.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this electronic repellent does his job so you might need to change the frequency of the mouse repellent periodically because that bastard mouse can get used with the sound and ignore it after a while.

Electronic Mouse Repellent Schematic

electronic mouse repellent circuit schematic

Mouse repellent active components

  • IC1 = 4047B
  • IC2, IC3 = 4050B
  • T1, T3 = BD131
  • T2, T4 = BD132
  • D1 … D4 = 1N4001


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