npn high gain transistor

1.5 Million x High Gain “Transistor”

Sometimes we need a transistor with a different characteristic than the normal one for max voltage and current of the collector, maximum power dissipation and amplification. This can be done by using a combination of complementary transistors connected to work as a single NPN or PNP transistor.

In the circuits given here we use four transistors for the NPN version of the high gain transistor and four the the PNP one. By choosing the best values for R1, R3 and R4 the total current amplification will be around 1.5 million. The characteristics of the circuit are essentially the same as the 2N3055 transistor.

NPN high gain transistor

npn high gain transistor

PNP high gain transistor

pnp high gain transistor

At 25°C the maximum power dissipation can be up to 115 W while the maximum voltage of the collector is 60 V and max current is 15 A. The saturation voltage is 2 V for the NPN version and 3 V for the PNP one.


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    I just wonder what the highest frequency will be I do not have the instruments otherwise I would make a plan to check it out

  • Alexei

    I wonder how much is the gain in AC because I am pretty sure that is the DC gain. So at a base input current of 1 mA the theoretical collector curent is 1500000 mA = 1500 A. So for the maximum 15 A, the base current can be as low as 10 µA. Am I right?

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