Timelord, one of our top member is working on a great project: a complete apartment air conditioning based on airflow. You can check out his idea here After a little chat using our private messaging system he “disclosed” some details about the project. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the technology of indoor and automotive environmental comfort.

Below is a fragment from our conversation

Outdoors is big combi freezer on the balcony with a few extra compressors on top.
Indoors just a few holes in the walls and the evaporator and fans/ducts are all hidden in a lowered ceiling.

This is about what I’m working on.

HVAC for 300m3 = 10594ft3

On highly economical basis for ±35% of standard cost
Based on flow ( as in hospital burnvictims units)

(extra bonus ±25 gallons of potable water daily at 70% humidity)

Phase ONE

Digital Outputs freezing

Compr I 220v 400 watt deepfreezer 30 mins max run / 15 mins off
Compr II 220v 200 watt freezer 20 mins max run / 15 off
Compr III 220v 200 watt freezer 20 mins max run / 15 off
Compr IV 220v 200 watt freezer 20 mins max run / 15 off

Pump I 220v 10 watt circulation deepfreezer (permanent on)
Pump II 220v 10 watt circulation freezer
Pump III 220v 10 watt circulation ventilation
Internal deepfreeze circulation pump 5 watt

Valve I 220v 500 milliwatt circulation deepfreezer
Valve II 220v 500 milliwatt circulation return lines
Compr. Fan 220v 20 watt compr. air circulation

Digital Inputs Freezing

Power OK (also circulation pump)
Min temp hardware -14 trough -20 Celsius
Temp Protection Hardware protection compressors -25 C.

Analog Inputs Freezing

Temp I (temp liquid) @ maximal -14 C rising/ramping gives
max amount of compressors

Digital Outputs Ventilation

Main Fan Motor 220v. 2.5 watt 50 Hz. ± 300 mtr³ / hr. (need 600 mtr³)
Main Fan Motor 220v. 2.5 watt variable frequency 50 ~ 200 Hz.

Intake fan motor I 220v. 5 watt ± 200 mtr³ night time only
Exhaust fan Motor II 220v. 5 watt ± 100 mtr³

Digital Inputs Ventilation

Thermostat standard room temperature heating / cooling

Analog Inputs Ventilation

Temp II ( liquid @ -11 Celcius)
Temp. III ( air intake main fan )
Temp IV ( air exhaust main fan)

Analog Output (PWM)

Increase or decease main fan motor ~ (See LED/LDR 0-5 volt)

Phase II

Desert Cooler implementation.
Excess water at 33.5 degrees F.
Return into circulation air.

Digital out

Fan motor inclusive drumrotation filter

Analog / Digital IN

humidity sensor ( set to always complete dry out)

Excess water output to indoor pond.
2nd excess to outdoor pond.
6 # I/O

Phase III Heating

Solar I/O
Boiler I/O
Blocking cooling I/O
heat exchanger.

Phase IV

Digtal 14 Outputs
Digital Inputs 8

Analog Input 4
Analog OUT 1 (PWM)


65-SP12AS PSU 12v / 3amp & UPS
65-18DC-DA-TN 8 digi/ana+4 digi 6 transistor(PNP)
E-16DC-DA-TN 8 digi/2 ana 8 transistors(NPN)
65-Ethernet-DC 9
65-ELC-BC1 C-Bus cable x3


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